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Atlasta Catering

About Atlasta


Atlasta began as a small, modest catering company with a six burner stove in a one room building and has grown over the last thirty years into the leading catering and event company in Arizona. Not just locally owned, but also chef owned, Atlasta’s reputation is unsurpassed and unparalleled.

Atlasta’s menu development stems from sourcing local, fresh foods and preparing them in a way to best showcase their intrinsic flavors. Our staff is permanent, company trained staff, not sourced from temporary staffing agencies. Atlasta’s senior management, including its President and CEO, works directly with all levels of staff, every day of every week. As leaders in sustainability for catering companies and event producers, Atlasta is unmatched in knowledge and scope of work in waste reduction and elimination all while truly allowing the focus of the event to be the event itself and the memories being created.