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Critical to our success are the members of Atlasta’s team. Each person brings unique experience to our overarching goal of creating great events with great food served by great people. Truly our deep rooted culture and foundation of excellence guides each of us and drives our desire to be the best for our clients, ourselves, our community, our environment and our future. Care to join us? Contact Steve to discuss becoming a part of the Atlasta team.

Steve & Kristine 2013

Steve Short   //   

President & CEO

Starting as Atlasta’s resident potato peeler at age five, Steve knew early on that he wanted to be a leader in Phoenix’s culinary industry,” is how the beginning of Steve’s ‘official’ bio reads. How did he know at age five he wanted to be “a leader in Phoenix’s culinary industry?” Perhaps that’s overstating the foresight of a young kid, but clearly his early childhood shaped his career choice. Being exposed to the inner workings of a busy production kitchen at such a young age and over such a long period of time, helped shape and develop Steve’s idea of what ‘work’ should be. Anyone who has worked in a kitchen or read about it knows it’s a unique blend of stress, pressure, teamwork, camaraderie, long hours and exhilaration. Quite simply, nothing compares.

Steve & Kristine 2013

Kristine Short   //   

Vice President & CFO

Love of decorating, styling, organizing and planning led Kristine to the catering and event planning business directly after college (ASU, of course). Almost twenty years later, Kristine manages and operates the finance department of Atlasta while focusing on long term planning, marketing and strategy.

Micah Wyzilic

Micah Wyzlic   //   

Director of Food and Beverage

Micah’s title seems simple yet it encompasses so much! Responsible for menu costing and menu development for both food and bar menus across all properties, Micah is an extremely busy person. His talent for multi-tasking and planning was honed throughout his career which spans the realm of senior regional chef for a nationwide retirement community, managing partner and consultant of startup concepts and over twelve years of experience as an executive chef. His certifications include being a Certified Alcohol Trainer and Manager and a Serv Safe Certified Instructor. During his education at the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, Micah was honored as one of the Top Ten student chefs in the nation.

Lucio Hernandez

Lucio Hernandez   //   

Executive Chef, Atlasta

Lucio started at Atlasta in 2001 and quickly moved up through the kitchen brigade proving himself time and time again as the person who could handle stress, meet deadlines, create and execute cuisine and lead a crew. Lucio worked under Jeffrey Beeson at Basis New American and gained infinite knowledge of New American Cuisine before becoming Basis’ executive chef. He currently oversees the entire on and off premise kitchen staff at Atlasta.

Roberto Perez

Roberto Perez   //   

Executive Chef, University Club, ASU

Responsible for managing both the restaurant kitchen of The Bistro and the on premise catering kitchen of The University Club keeps Roberto extremely busy. During the ten years Roberto has been with Atlasta, he has had the opportunity to work under Steve and Lucio in both the catering kitchen of Atlasta and the restaurant kitchen at Basis making him ideally suited for the uniqueness of The University Club.

Pete Covington

Pete Covington

Pastry Chef

Pete has spent the last year redeveloping and rethinking our approach to dessert and pastry at Atlasta. Before joining our team at Atlasta, Pete worked for years at Basis New American and prior to that at Convivo and The Different Pointe of View. Pete’s commitment to “scratch baking” using authentic ingredients enhances our clients’ experience and highlights our dedication to ‘real’ food.

Amanda Cermak

Amanda Cermak   //   

Assistant Director of Finance

Since joining Atlasta in 2008, Amanda has learned the ins and outs of event planning and the Arizona catering industry. Making the transition to the finance department in 2011 made perfect sense due to Amanda’s excellent attention to detail, keen eye for economics and overall understanding of the ‘behind scenes action’ at Atlasta. Responsible for the day to day accounting for Atlasta and all of its related properties is a challenge that Amanda meets with confidence, poise and humor.

Melanie Duschinsky

Melanie Duschinsky   //   

Director of Special Events, University Club

Singlehandedly planning all events within the University Club at ASU and most ASU related events occurring all over Arizona can be a tricky job but it is exactly what Melanie does every day -seemingly effortlessly. Of course, her years of event planning experience came in handy when she joined the team but it was her ability to jump in and learn quickly that made her the perfect fit for the Director of Special Events job. Her ability to multi-task, remain organized and react to changes alleviate any pressure her client’s may feel as she always produces exceptional results.

Alice Moon

Alice Palmer   //   

Lead Sales

Joining us in fall 2012, Alice has proved to be a powerhouse on the sales team and is quickly taking Atlasta by storm! A graduate of Johnson and Wales with a degree in Sports Entertainment and Event Management ensured Alice’s career in the event industry. After five years of experience in upstate New York, Alice relocated to Arizona and luckily (for us!) found her way to Atlasta. Perhaps our most ‘name-checked’ person in on-line reviews, Alice regularly meets with clients, creates event plans, detail checks everything and ensures every bride’s and every client’s vision happens, flawlessly.

Alisha Landers

Alisha Landers

Director of Operations

As Alisha said, ‘I love food and events and now they are combined in one job!’ Alisha’s wide ranging experience includes a culinary degree (she was valedictorian of her graduating class), office management and working in the entertainment industry. Managing the scheduling of all properties and ensuring all one hundred and fifty employees know exactly where to be and when to be there is something that would be daunting to most people but Alisha handles it in stride. Together with the entire operations team, Alisha ensures each event is executed as it was intended.

Jenn Munch

Jennifer Munch

Assistant Event Coordinator

Joining Atlasta in August 2013 Jenn is slowly getting her feet we in all areas of the company. Jenn works with our sales team, as well as operations and even has a little fun helping with our social media needs. Jenn loves to road trip when she gets the chance and is new to the Phoenix area from Vermont.

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Montanna Bornstein

Assistant Event Coordinator

Montanna has recently joined the Atlasta team. With a background in Hospitality and Restaurant Management from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute and several years of experience in the food and beverage industry she fits right in with the Atlasta team. Montanna assists on both the Atlasta side as well as giving Melanie a little help with the University Club. When not in the office you can find Montanna passing her time watching baseball, her favorite sport!

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Lisa Shipp

The Bistro, Front of House Manager

A former Atlasta Captain and lead server at Basis, Lisa now runs the floor at The Bistro, the lunch restaurant located within The University Club at ASU. Responsible for ensuring impeccable service from start to finish, Lisa works directly with the entire Bistro staff.

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Rita Consing

Operations, Tempe Center for the Arts

Coming from several generations of artists and restaurants owners, it seems natural that Rita would be both an active artist and work in the food industry. With experience ranging from cooking in restaurants to designing wine labels, Rita’s duties at Atlasta include ensuring each show at TCA is serviced by the most efficient staff resulting in all patrons being served promptly and kindly.

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Christian Pacheco

Operations, Mesa Arts Center

Shawna Pakan

Shawna Pakan